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Founded in 1934, since the post-war period the company has specialized in the production of lubricants for automotive, industrial, agricultural, and nautical use. At COLUMBIA, we produce specialist oils for industry, gearboxes and differentials, automatic transmissions. In addition, we sell mineral lubricating greases for all types of uses as well as fluids for braking circuits.

COLUMBIA uses the best raw materials and mineral and synthetic bases that meet the specification levels required by the most prestigious car manufacturers.

The raw materials used are constantly subjected to accurate laboratory analyses. Furthermore, the workplaces are structured in accordance with current laws on hygiene and safety at work. The production cycle and the company management systems comply with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards, since 1998.

The company can supply products under the COLUMBIA registered trademark and can also accommodate requests from its customers to personalize and rebrand the products under a customer’s registered trademark.


To focus on providing efficient, sustainable, and safe solutions in the oil industry, while maintaining a focus on innovation and respect for the environment. We prioritize education, enrichment, and development among co-workers. Our goal is to build enduring value and relationships by providing timely solutions for our customers. We take ownership of problems, act with accountability, and continuously strive for improvement.


To be quality innovators and entrepreneurs committed to growth, using the best available technologies, and supporting community enrichment.


Our company values guide our operation, decisions making, and interactions with our stakeholders. Honesty, Integrity, and Respect for People, Teamwork, Ethically Business Behaviour, Continuous improvement, Health, Safety and Fairness.

In COLUMBIA we centre the company around the needs of our customers. We customize products and services to meet individual customers‚Äô needs.

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Strategic Plan 2024-2028How do we respond to current challenges? 

In COLUMBIA we recognised the challenges, and the responses are crucial for resilience and success to thrive in a dynamic energy landscape.

Our plan is based specifically on:

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